No Excuses Workouts You Can Do On Your Trips

hotel room

Working out diligently while on a trip may seem like an added chore. But it does not have to be so given the many exercises you can do anywhere. In fact, you do not even have to look far than your hotel room to keep a fitness routine. Here are just a few of the tons of exercises that you can do separately or combine together for a good workout every day

Squats. This type of exercise strengthens and conditions the lower body. And it is perfect if for small spaces. If correctly performed, bodyweight squats target leg muscles specifically the quadriceps. The bodyweight squat can also give a good workout to your hamstrings and calves. You can start with 2-3 sets of 10 repetitions each with a short active rest in between. You can then increase the number of repetitions or sets as you develop your stamina and strength. For a more intense workout, replace repetitions with a specific number of minutes. Aim to raise the bar higher to make your workout more challenging.

Jumping jacks. As an exercise, jumping jacks are like walking and running. It is something you can do anywhere that needs no special equipment other than the right pair of shoes. And yet not many people do it much. But it is something that you see many fitness enthusiasts do for warm-ups or as part of high-intensity workouts. The jumping jack can be both an aerobic and strengthening exercise. You can easily tweak it to integrate into your fitness routine or meet your workout goals.

Plank. The plan can be a good core workout. It also helps in strengthening lower and upper body muscles. Plank exercises enhance abdominal strength used to stabilize the body while holding the position. You can modify the level of intensity by doing side planks and incorporating it with other workouts like push-ups.

Yoga. The many benefits of yoga should be reason enough to explore this form of mind and body exercise. Some of the said benefits include improved flexibility and muscle strength. It also increases energy and stamina as well as a good exercise for weight management and stress relief. Consider learning yoga to add to your list of travel exercises. Or you can start practicing while on the road by watching and following the exercises online on your laptop. Alternatively, you can pre-download videos on your computer before your trips. You just need a yoga travel mat and you can start practicing it every day while on the road.

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